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Keer America Co. is capable of producing a wide range of pure cotton yarn with most advanced technology and best US grown cotton. Equipped with advanced European machines capable of OE spinning allows us to produce variety kinds of yarn product.

Our first plant is capable of producing OE spinning yarn from Ne6 to Ne20, both for weaving and knitting,our annual capacity is around 60,000,000 lbs.

The second facility broke ground in February 2017, and should be operational by May 2018.  From then on, we will achieve annual capacity of 40,000,000 lbs. Yarn count will range from Ne6~Ne40 carded and combed. In addition, with this new facility we will be capable for the production of core spun yarn, amsler yarn, and siro yarn.

We are dedicated to help our customers find the most appropriate yarn to meet their production needs. We use the most advanced technology to simulate the final product so that customers can immediately know its effectiveness. We are also dedicated to provide the best service from the most professional and technical team to ensure the long-term stability of supply and customer services.

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