Company History

Established in February 2013, Keer America starts its footprint in the USA in textile industry. Keer America owns 165 acres of lands in Indian Land, South Carolina, and plans $218 million dollars investment by building 1,000,000 square feet of manufacturing facilities, creating 500 new jobs in total in the next few years.

Our first OPEN END operation started in 2015, in this 20,000sqf facility, we process 100% US cotton, to make good quality for carded open end cotton yarn, it supply to knitting and weaving fabric manufacturing in US and Central America.


Our 2nd RING SPINNING operation started in 2018, in this 25,000sqf facility, by processing 100% US cotton, we produce 600,000lbs of yarn weekly.


Keer America intends to have four different production facilities on the same campus, the new operation going forward will be designed base on the market needs in the textile industry in this hemisphere.

Keer America uses 100% of American grown cotton, 100% American workforce to produce best quality of US MADE spinning yarn.

Our Core Values


Acknowledging and assuming responsibility for all of our actions, products, decisions, and policies.


Taking a proactive approach to create and maintain a healthy work/life balance for our employees.


Committing to a great product, service, and other initiatives that impact lives within and outside of our company.


We strive to help our customers by supplying them the most suitable yarns based on their demand.


Ensuring the health and safety of employees and going beyond the legal requirements to provide an accident-free workplace.

About the Keer Group

The Keer Group is located in Hangzhou, China – the heart of the famous West Lake area in the Zhejiang Province. Initially founded in 1995, The Keer Group has become a diversified and integrated enterprise group with more than 2,000 employees. Although our main focus is industrial textiles, Keer is supported by real estate and supplemented by investment and trading.

The Keer Group relies on state-of-the-art textile machines at our 50 acre textile manufacturing base to produce the highest quality yarn. Our yarn is quite popular both at home and abroad, with annual sales of over $330 million. At Keer, we value reputation and quality above all else and believe that they are the key to success for any company.